Jo McDonald Jewellery


Porcelain Collection Silver £175/Gold £220

Handcast porcelain ring available in Red Coral, Lapis Blue, Coco, Dark Brown, White, Black and Jade Green with gold or silver.

  • Small (approx J)
  • Medium (approx M)
  • Large (approx P)

If you are unsure of your ring size use the ring sizing guide to determine your ring size. If you are buying a ring for someone else or unsure of your own ring size you could take an existing ring to a local jeweller to be measured. All ring sizes must be quoted at time of order.

Porcelain rings cannot be resized but if you have not ordered the correct size, please return your ring to us in an unworn condition and we will do our best to replace the ring with the correct size.

The inspiration for the porcelain collection is 'Art Deco - au sauvage' : The restraint and luxury of Art Deco skewed by a tribal savage ethos. Beautifully made and playfully combining precious jewellery materials with delicate and strong shapes in Parian-ware porcelain seek to combine a 1930's decadence in gorgeous shapes, Joan Miroesque expressive lines and dots with something more earthy and fundamental.